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Bull Shoals Lake Day 2: Giant "Rent Me" Sign = Tourist

We woke early to the sounds of the marine radio and lots of activity on the docks. Vi whipped up some yummy potato, egg, and cheese breakfast tacos with homemade pico de gallo.

DSC05229.jpg DSC05230edit.jpg

After breakfast, we were given our how-to-drive-the-boat-and-not-hit-anything instructional test drive. We then grabbed our six scuba tanks and had our rental jet ski brought around.

103_0403.jpg DSC05233.jpg

Neither Vi nor I had ever driven or even ridden a jet ski so we were pretty excited about trying it out. Mike drove the boat to an outer mooring in the marina while we took the jet ski for a spin around the lake. We had rented the jet ski for two hours and since no more than two people could ride at a time, we took turns driving and riding. I initially kind of puttered around on it until I got my bearings while Mike took off like James Bond (minus the canary yellow life vest). What a blast! Mike wants to buy one next year so this was his way of "closing the deal." It worked because I loved it.

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Once we returned the jet ski, Vi laid down for a short nap. Mike and I spent some time on the bow of the boat so we wouldn't disturb her. People that know Mike know that he can't sit still for long. He has to be constantly doing something. I call this Mike-piddling. He decided that the houseboat had lots of Mike-piddling opportunities.

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Vi woke soon after and we unhooked from the buoy and set out on our first venture outside the marina with Captain Mike at the helm.

DSC05254.jpg DSC05255.jpg

The jet ski guy told us about a mooring not too far away that was secluded in a cove so we headed in that direction. The lake was 40' higher than normal so it made for interesting navigation. The map was no good. There were islands where there shouldn't be islands. Instead of rocky beaches which is the norm (as we understand), the shoreline was basically treetops sticking out of the water.

DSC05256.jpg DSC05257.jpgDSC05261.jpg

We found the mooring, hooked up, and got ready for our first dive. Part of the reason we chose Bull Shoals Lake was that there are numerous designated dive sites. Unfortunately, because of the high water, the dive sites were not readily accessible. So Mike decided to drop a line down from the boat and go down and see what the conditions were at our mooring. My plan was to stay closer to the surface and practice my skills.

DSC05262.jpg DSC05264.jpg
DSC05265edit.jpg DSC05266.jpg

Armed with a couple of dive lights and his trusty knife, Mike made his way down the line all the way to the bottom at 90'. The only thing he saw was an empty beer can (which he dutifully brought back up to throw away). It was a cold and dark place with the temperature being around 55 degrees at that depth. I stayed on the surface keeping a careful eye on his bubbles. We took about an hour break and then Mike decided to put his thicker wet suit on and go down the line again. By this time the boat had moved from its original position and he went down the line only to land in a tree. Thankfully, he was able to free himself without too much of a problem and snap a self-portrait at the bottom.


I only made it down to about 10' and experienced severe double calf cramps and a splitting headache from the cold. That was enough for me.

We were pretty exhausted that evening and after grilling up some burgers, we called it a night and turned in early.

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