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Puerto Rico Day 8: Island Life

Alex woke up feeling quite a bit better today so we kept our plans to go to Mosquito Pier. First, we stopped at Buen Provecho, a gourmet grocery/deli/restaurant in town. We sat at the counter and watched the cook make our breakfast sandwiches and Alex's salad to go.


After stuffing ourselves we made our way down the coast to Mosquito Pier, another recommended snorkel spot, with hopes of better snorkeling. The pier is reached by a mile long road extending out into the ocean. This was built in 1941 by the US Navy and the original goal was to extend the road all the way to mainland Puerto Rico. That plan was abandoned in 1943 and now they are planning a new ferry terminal there instead. We drove up near the pier and parked alongside the road at a spot where I thought I'd have decent in/out access.


While Alex waited for me onshore, I suited up and jumped in.

Although the sea life wasn't exactly hopping underneath there, it was loads better than the snorkeling done so far.



Lobster peeking out of the rocks




Blue tang



Another blue tang...or maybe the same one on the way back.


After about an hour I figured Alex was getting worried so I came up. Sure enough, he had driven down the pier trying to see me in the water. I got out of my skinsuit and we walked the pier. Mr. Cat was hanging out in the rocks.



We were thirsty and just down the road from the rum distillery so we popped in to Crab Island Rum for a visit. They offered a tasting of 3 different rums...coffee infused, orange infused, and regular rum.

The coffee rum was surprisingly good so I bought a small bottle for my friend, Melissa. I bought a bottle of regular rum for myself. It's all made right here at this small facility.

After our tasting, we had a seat in their bar for some real drinks.


While we were hanging out, we met a couple of guys from the US mainland who were there buying property. They were actually staying in town across the street from Buen Provecho while working on the house. We chit chatted with them for a while and followed their recommendation of the rabbit empanadas from the Crab Island food truck. Tasty!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the house until it was time to eat again. At Buen Provecho that morning, they told us about their sister restaurant next door, a Japanese restaurant called Gonzo's Garden. I had my doubts about a Japanese restaurant but we were willing to give it a try as so far our choices had been fried this and fried that. It turned out to be a good choice.

Alex ordered the udon (which turned out to be some other kind of noodle but was still good) and I ordered the pork belly bowl.

We sat at the bar and ate along with a very loud mouth woman from the US mainland. Based on how she talked to us, I'm pretty sure she had a thing for Alex and thought she'd be better for him than me. HA! Of course, he just tried to be polite. The only thing good that came out of that conversation was her recommendation of an at-home massage therapist on the island which I booked the next morning.

We wanted another drink but wanted to get away from her so we drove over to the Voodoo Bar, a dive bar just down the road from our house. We ended the evening with a couple of drinks and some bar cats.


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